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Born: 9th February 1985 in Bordeaux, France
2009-2010 Master at the Fashion Department, Royal Academy of Antwerp, Belgium
2006-2009 Bachelor at the Fashion Department, Royal Academy of Antwerp, Belgium
2002-2005 Bachelor in Textile design at the ENSAAMA, Olivier des Serres Paris, France
Textile researches and experimentations, collections of fabrics, workshops
2002 Baccalauréat degree in Litterature obtained with honours, Bordeaux, France
2009 - 2010 “Cultuur Couture” TropenMuseum of Amsterdam, Holland
showing the 3d year collection and the Ethnical Costume (Egun Mask)
03/2009 “Ethnical costumes” at the ModeMuseum of Antwerp, Belgium
09/2008 Group exhibition “Hof Dames” at the Galerie 37, Haarlem, Holland
2010 A shadded vew on fashion award given by Sonny Vandevelde and Diane Pernet
2010 Miele award give by the fashion journalist Veerle Windels
2009 Anne Kuris award, given by a jury of children for the 3d year collection
2005 Internship of Production assistant at Lagerfeld Gallery, Paris
2004-2005 Internship of studio assistant at Lagerfeld Gallery, Paris
2004 Workshops with the shoe maker Maurice Arnoult, Paris
Fashion shows dresser
at Lagerfeld Gallery, Dries van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Lanvin’s shows.
Summer 2009 - Dress made for Madame Béatrice de Vazelhes
September 2009 - Opening performance for RA Antwerp
September 2009 - Window display at Labels INC., Antwerp
Dazed Digital - April 2010, Interview preview Antwerp Academy (Uk)
WOUND / 8 2009, Photoshoot and cover (UK)
Marie Claire Belgique june 2009, Photoshoot and Article (BE)
Elle Belgique june 2009, Photoshoot and article (BE)
Poster advertising the 2009 Antwerp Academy fashion show (BE)
Show Off 2 june 2009, Photoshoot (BE),
Show Off 1 june 2008, Photoshoot (BE)
Maman & Hervé, Marieziz copine boulette, mon père & Irène, mes frangins et frangines, ma famille, Laetitia, Lisou Gettlouffe, Maria & Mattias, Thomas, Yvette, Yuki, Maja, Seija, Vanessa,'t Sandt hotel, M. Patrick Achi, Wetik, Gloria, Dimou, Tutu, Karisia, Walter, Dirk, Heidi, Yvonne, Patrick, Ann, chris, all the academy crew, MC, Marvin Gaye, MJ, MQ, IMM, Libaert, Eileen, Frederik, La Fabrique22A, Bruno, Bjorn, Julie Bracke, Jedithja de Groote, Ginger, Yacine, Jean-Marie, et tous mes potes pour votre soutien pendant toutes ces années!
Nath, Rheece, Johan (Din Jävla förbannade slyna!), Karo (sorry for missing Yoga), You wie, Paulita, Tobi, M&M, Erika, Jacob, all my class, Big Up, and the ones I forgot, kisses everywhere.

A mes grands parents.