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Sol Alonso Nicolich — Leftovers from paradise

Leftovers from paradise
Fashion designs by Sol Alonso Nicolich

Thank you

THANKS to my mother, my father, my brothers Faus, Joak , Lilux and Lolo, Harlitos,Tete y Mamaita, Beba y Marro, Maica ,Cata, Tito Mahilos, Mirtis, Gladis, Richard, Albert, Fonchi, Sandra Pastorino, Master Tomo, Jante and the Corleone family from Sint-Laureisstraat. Thanks to all my teachers, Karine, Jenny and colleges from the academy. Special thanks to photographer Fernanda Montoro, model Ana Paula Rondán, photographer Tine Claerhout, Katrinen form the Sint Jan Berchmanscollege and Loria shop.