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Jezabelle Cormio — The Continental

Velvet robeLadykillerChampagne biker jacket
Lee Wei Swee photography Constantijn Morren Van Leuven model

The Continental

Jezabelle Cormio presents a menswear collection for confident, mature men who have their own sense of style, which is nevertheless a bit 'off'. Imperfection and vulgarity are central themes of the collection resulting in a combination of luxurious fabrics with cheaper materials like polyester. Playing with stereotypes of the heterosexual man, as a 'rough', tattooed and casual, yet classic figure, Cormio matches wide Hugh Hefner-like robes in paisley prints with soccer-scarves, flower pins and colourful square toe shoes in snakeskin or crocodile leather. 'Bad taste' collars, open sleeves, bowling shirts and soccer slogans like 'I will always be on your side' show the 'unconfected' , real aspect of the romantic ideal of a mature, straight male in a world where men are often more open about their love of sports (soccer team) than about their personal love life.
The courage to wear these garments and to break the boundaries of the romantic ideal that is presented for men nowadays, is a sign of courage and independence according to Cormio. She moves the spotlight in contemporary menswear away from young adults to a more mature Casanova in this luxurious menswear collection bringing us good-looking bad taste.