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Jack Davey — Featuring Daphne

Daphne? Can you explain it all?
Featuring Daphne lookbookFeaturing Daphne lookbookFeaturing Daphne lookbook

Featuring Daphne

Hailing from London, this former classic literature student found his inspiration in Bernini's sculpture of Apollo pursuing Daphne, who turns into a tree to escape from his rape. The meaning of this metamorphosis is self defence, but although Daphne becomes a 'still' organism, Davey wanted movement to be the ruling principle of this womenswear collection.
He developed a fringing technique for very thick upholstery fabrics, which he cut into shreds to give the impression of a tree and leaves. The collection has a lot of texture thanks to this fringing, but also the use of sequins , embroidery and belts. The women's silhouettes have basic tailored shapes, with a metamorphosis, organical part in unexpected, 'non-sexy' parts of the silhouette. Other eye-catchers are the heavy metal masks and fabric heads reminiscent of Louise Bourgeois, showing different interpretations of what a modern-day Daphne could be.
In this first womenswear collection after his menswear work, Jack found a new perspective in the possibilities of a women's body and channeled the aggression of Apollo into a beautiful piece of work.

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