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Dimitri Arvanitis — : crude

Fashion designs by Dimitri Arvanitis
: crude lookbook: crude lookbook:crude lookbook
lee wei swee photography stef callebout @ ulla models bruce m. @ dominique models tom vandewalle makeup


Taking the stereotypical Wall Street banker as a point of departure, this menswear collection breathes the word modernity. Dimitri Arvanitis thought about who the sterile, sophisticated and conservative banker in his Bauhaus apartment would become after work, which resulted in a more luxurious, baroque style. Prints of Medusa heads and colourfully dyed furs (springbok, calfskin, snakeskin, fox) are combined with pinstripe suits and the whole collection has been given a nineties feel, giving a more casual and relaxed 'sports' style to this collection that is anything but sportswear. More kitschy elements (brightly dyed furs) are offset with sophisticated techniques (digital print, mesh PVC) and shapes, giving the whole a fresh feeling that captures Dimitri's ambition to 'never be boring'.
His creation of a New Look for modern business attire with a rich and luxurious feel but also a relaxed edge to it is a much-needed statement for contemporary menswear.

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