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Devon Halfnight Leflufy — True Believer

3D palm tree
True Believer with Brian Kokoska and Alex SalinasTrue Believer with Brian Kokoska and Alex SalinasTrue Believer with Brian Kokoska and Alex Salinas
LA fresh
AssclapLA ethnicSnakeface
Fade away Selena
LA fresh escapeLA fresh rosaryLA fresh palmtree
LA ethnic eyeballLA ethnic springbreakLA ethnic elephant


Devon Halfnight Leflufy explores a hybrid iconography of LA subcultures in a luxurious 'ethnic LA' streetwear collection, fusing new techniques and materials with a nineties feel with more luxurious materials like cashmere and leather. The silhouettes are multilayered menswear silhouettes with soft psychedelic colours, like they were washed up on an LA shore and bleached by the sun. Combining laser-cut leather henna symbols, painted towels, digitally printed shirts, quilting, embroidery and handpainted leather jackets, this collection builds a bridge between adolescent adventures and the dawn of a more luxurious, adult personality.The dreamy and surreal language of Devon H Leflufy is interspersed with the harsher and expressive imagery of Canadian artist Brian Kokoska, which gives the luxurious sport collection a darker edge. The sensual atmosphere of the collection combined with the state-of-the art techniques and the artistic collaboration at the heart make for a thrilling experience of contemporary luxury streetwear.
Look out for the vintage inspired Theo sunglasses with printed lenses, and have a look for his collection at RA Antwerp and RA Paris, which already sell his collections.

Thank you

Thanks to Theo Eyewear, EE Labels, Print Unlimited, Coneria Anaconda, Van Dommelen Borduur en Laserservice, BLC. Thank you: Goedele you are everything. Rhea, Sharon, Edward, Carol and Chris, I wouldn't be here without you. Brian you are an inspiration. Alex you made it pop for me. Walter, Dirk, Elke, Chris and Yvonne, thank you for the support and patience. LIon thanks for getting me through first year but call me back ok. RA13WHATWHAT Manu, Anna, Romain, Mic, Yves and Cedric WHATWHAT. Serge at Theo. Choi and Chie!!!! Jasmine and Goedele.