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Alice Dupraz-Toulouse — Hi, kifak, ça va?

Keffieh FlowerFashion designs by Alice Dupraz-Toulouse
Flower organza overallKaki padded grenade jacketRed grenade jacket
Frédéric Bastin photography Eléonore @ IMM model Evara Collin hair and makeup
Pink dress
Sarah Hermans photography Stephanie Demeyere model

Hi, kifak, ça va?

Inspired by a trip to Beirut, which seemed at that time like a joyful party adventure, Alice Dupraz-Toulouse decided to have a second look at this country where daily threats and violence create a 'seize the day' atmosphere. After taking some distance she realized that the daily reality is bittersweet and the party atmosphere nearly cynical. Her women's silhouettes show a glamorous middle Eastern silhouette with long flowing garments and silk gowns, in pastel colours combined with military khakis and accessories with gun cartridges. The fluidity of the dresses is interrupted by stabbing cuts, laser-cut scars and gun wounds. Sometimes the garments themselves look like armor (impenetrable materials), sometimes they seem on the verge of collapse. Floral prints are mixed with camo prints and underlayers of silk are mixed with upper layers of cooked wool and molton. The idea was to start from a sombre point of departure (war) and break it with softer, more hopeful colours, hereby reversing the principle of something beautiful being threatened by war. Alice's last silhouett, the 'bride', is a widow with sombre colours and military armour, but nevertheless the collection is not tragic: it is a tribute to the strong women of Beirut, and a celebration of life despite all circumstances, of being free even in the face of war.

Thank you

I thank all the teachers, all my family and friends for their ardent support, my precious Annebel and her father, Jean-Marie Doumont, Franck Barraud for Hermes Textile Holding, Christophe Lelieux for Schoutteten et Froidure, Julien Vidal for L'atelier du gantier, Geneviève Gorissen for Kroko, Liebaert, Michel Boudin for Sovefac cuirs, Marino Schoenmakerij, Holcim Concretes, Ben from the ICT, Kenneth Karl Ravelo, Anis Dupuis, Sarah Hermans, JD, Frederic Bastin, Evara Collin, Bettina Molnar, Maylis Deschamps, Elsie Matthijssens and her team, Spank Moons, Karolien Van Rompaey, all the trusty and patient models, and all the people that crossed my road who were so kind and generous they make you feel like giving a little more each day too.