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Royal Academy of Fine Arts
AP Hogeschool Antwerpen
Master of Arts

Alexandra Helminger — HƎIMAT

Dark red parkaGreen dressDark red coat
Lightgreen coatPink flower dressOrange dress
Senne Van der Ven photography Hannah T @ Dominique, Anna Vanhellemont model Annelies Tanghe make-up


Alexandra Helminger brings a sophisticated womenswear collection with a double-sided message about her home country, Austria. The collection is both full of love for the beauty and colours of her native Salzburg, as well as weighed down by the claustrophobic feeling Alexandra gets when she goes back home. Her strict aesthetic results in strong, beautiful clothes for a confident woman with a deeply emotional inner world, that is also slightly out of balance. The classic-looking silhouettes often tilt back- or forwards, through cut-outs on the backside, visually translating the feeling of vertigo or oppression by the beauty of the homeland.
On the upside, beautiful Austrian elements such as loden coats, strong handwork (smocked flowers on skirts) and bright colours (orange, green, pink, dark red) show the beauty Alexandra discovered during her research process, seeing her home country through different eyes. Like her favourite artists Markus Schinwald and Hannes Van Severen, Alexandra Helminger starts from an existing image , and adds something which makes something completely new out of it. The beautiful tailored jackets and bustier dresses show what beauty can arise from feeling like a near-strangled edelweiss.

Thank you

Thanks to my mother for her enduring love and support, my sister, the most wonderful sister in the whole world, my amazing grandmother, my friends Sandy, Steffi, Carla and Beate for always believing in me! Maggie, Lola, Mattia, Minju, Alice and Wim – thanks for the support, the criticism and the good times! My teachers!!! Esther, Fay and Janneke for your help! Noemi and Marie for all the fittings, Regina, Gabi, Maria, Christina, Sietske, Arne, little Laurens, Julie, Nikki, Amaury, Magdalena, Renee, Felix and Senne, my sponsors BMUKK, Loden Steiner, Albert Zips. THANK YOU ALL. This would not have been possible without your help and support.