Show/Off #2 is a unique magazine about the Fashion Department, Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen.
It features highlights from the Fashion Department: the end of year collections of the Master students, works by the Bachelor Year students, information about various projects and workshops...

Show/Off #2 is a collector’s item made with the same creativity that is so all-important to the Academy - and in the fashion world.

Show/Off #2 is published for Hacom and the Fashion Department by Sanoma Magazines Belgium. The magazine will be for sale during Show 2009 and distributed internationally.

Show/Off #2 – 138 pages - ISBN 9789078980506 – € 10,00
Distribution: Idea Books, T: +32 20 6226154,

3 Editor’s Letter by Walter Van Beirendonck
6 The contributors
8 Paper Dreams – Students sketch their passion for fashion
18 Ann Demeulemeester – An interview with a designer & company
20 Future fashion – The best outfits from this year’s harvest,
     chosen by Walter Van Beirendonck
36 Peter Philips – A chat with the top make-up artist
39 We watch you unfold – Frederik Heyman and Dieter De Swarte
     documenting the Masters
53 Suzy Menkes – Meet the doyenne of fashion journalism
56 Accessomatic – Take your pick from the best accessoires
62 Hirofumi Kurino – About the Japanese-Antwerp connection
85 Personal Power – Discover the graduates’ collections
94 Jeanne Detallante draws the Masters – A very persona
      take on fashion
104 Geert Bruloot – A conversation with the man who was there
       from the start
108 Kiss and Make Up – Students’ visions come to life in colour
114 Costume Mix Up – Dirk Van Saene mixes and matches his
       favourite pieces from the Bachelor years
126 Bernadette Wittman – Talking to the driving force behind the
        denim skirt project
128 Info – Workshops, awards, projects
130 Paul Termeer – Dutch shoe label Sacha challenged the students
        to take a creative look at shoes
133 Play list – Music to love
136 The graduates versus the teachers
138 Colofon