AP ¬ Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp ¬ Fashion Department

Edoardo Rossi

(Italy) [email protected]


Raised amongst mountains, sea and blue sky. They cross paths as color, light and limits. It comes romantically: a place, a journey. A person becomes a symbol, perhaps an idol: in a colorful way.

Thus I travel places, here and there, outside and inside: composing an image, a story that needs to be told.

Details describe an acquired confidence: textures, colors, symbols. A broken hand is proof of strength, sweat and risk taken; a name of a player on his back as an armor: an image, for others - to be recognized. Boys live in a eroded landscape, it shifts and mutates. They jump and run across bright covered walls, layers of era that repeat themselves and are renewed every time.

It is a tribute to tell their story.

Catwalk pictures