Catalogue Class of 2007: more info
the 14 students of the final year made a catalogue together with Chris Gillis, Paul Boudens and photographers Ronald Stoops and Sarah van Marcke which will be sold during show 2007
dvd show 2007:
Recorded, broadcasted and burnt on DVD in high definition quality by EURO 1080. gemonteerd.
L’Oréal professionnal catwalk show:
Nele Feyen, Vladimir Lazarevic, Marisa Leipert (2nd Master degree), Laurence Bruyninckx (1st Master degree), Serkan Cura and Simon Pierre Toussaint (2nd Bachelor) show their collections during an event organised by L’Oréal Professionnel in Brussels.
Annette Kölling and Mio Nishikimi enter the Mittelmoda Awards in Gorizia Italy. Mio Nishikimi wins the Vesti di Cotone Award, Anette Kölling the Alta Roma Next Couture Award.  She is invited to show her collection in Rome during the haute couture week.
It’s Five:
Marisa Leipert, Heaven Tanudiredja, Nadine Möllenkamp, Ann Torfs and Mikio Sakabe participated in It’s Five in Trieste, Natalia Culebras Cruz for It’s Five Accessories. Mikio Sakabe wins the “Special Prize” of the Jury.
The collection of the final year “ The Last Supper” by Koji Arai is shown from the 8th of September till the 29th of October in the MoMugallery.
The students of the first master degree collaborated on a project with International Flavors and Fragrances to create an individual concept for perfume.
Show Deloitte:
the work of the first year students was shown during a show by Deloitte in Charleroi.
Vitrine 2006:
In September 2006 the FFI offered Mio Nishikimi, Andrea Ayala Closa, Gunhyo Kim, Koji Arai, Berivan Meyer, Vladimir Lazarevic, Akiko Murata and Mikio Sakabe to show their collection during “Vitrine 2006”
It’s Six:
Heaven Tanudiredja, Ek Thongprasert, Taro Horiuchi and Rani Bageria participate in the It’s Six competition in Trieste.
Alta Moda Roma January 2007:
Anette Kölling shows her collection during the haute couture week in Rome.Exhibition Momu Galleryj: On the initiative of the MoMu,  yearly exhibition of ethnical costumes by the 3rd bachelor degree in the gallery of the MoMu.
Festival d’Hyères 2007:
Peter Bertsch (graduated in 2006) wins the 1.2.3. prize on the annual festival in Hyères.
to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mayerline Andrea Cammarosano, Heaven Tanudiredja and Narelle Doré work on a project with buttons from the collection of the founder of Mayerline.
Christian Wijnants and Mikio Sakabe each win 18.000 euro as finalists of the MANGO competition. They enter the final with their new summer collection in autumn in Barcelona. The first prize is 300.000 euro.


Artos Award is given to CAROLIEN VERSTRAETEN:
Artos gives an encouragment award (value 500 euro) to a student of the 2nd bachelor degree

ASAP photographic services Award is given to SERKAN CURA:
Photographic work for an amount of 1000 euro awarded to the most photogenic collection by a 3rd year student.
Barbaix Award:
The Barbaix company (sewing machines) donates a sewing machine Pfaff 1548 (value 860 euro) to the fashion department’s atelier to stimulate the students in their work.
Anne Chapelle “motivation” Award is given to EK THONGPRASERT:
Anne Chapelle gives a prize of 2000 euro to a 3rd degree student to stimulate his/her final year project.
Anne Chapelle ”creator” Award is given to

Anne Chapelle gives a prize of 4000 euro to a student with a remarkable and innovating collection in the 2nd master degree.
Award Coccodrillo is given to YUIMA NAKAZATO:
Goes to the most creative shoe, with a prize of 600 euro and a a display in Coccodrillo, Schuttershofstraat 9 in Antwerp during "Vitrine", in September 2006.
Feeling Award is given to BELE BARDENHAUER
The Feeling award is given out by Pascale Baelen, in collaboration with Scapa Sports. The award includes an amount of 1250 euro and a stage at Scapa Sports.
The FFI selects 4 promising designers, who get the opportunity to present their collection in an installation during Vitrine 2007: SURFACES from the 6th till the 16th of September.
IFF Award:
Daria Dazzan wins a trip to New York to present his winning perfume-project to the board of International Flavors and Fragrances.
Elena Denter, Ek Tongprosert, Andrea Cammarosano, Hung La, Mio Nishikimi and Romain Brau each receive 200 euro.
Weekend Knack Award is given to YU FUKUMOTO :
Assigned by the fashion team of Cathérine Ongenae. The award goes to the most talented designer. The award includes a coverage in the magazine Weekend Knack in September 2007.
Louis Award is given to EK THONGPRASERT:
For the most remarkable student of the 3rd year. He/she can show her collection in the windows of Louis from the 12th till the 19th of June 2007.
Christine Mathijs Award is given to GUNHYO KIM:
In honour of Christine’s passion for fashion an Award of 2500 euro is handed out for the collection that shows this passion the most. Christine Mathijs was co-founder of NV Dries Van Noten.
L’ Oréal Professionnel Award is given to SERKAN CURA:
Offers in 2007/2008 hairdresser(s) to support a student in a show or photoshoot.
S-Print Award is given to SERKAN CURA:
The award will be presented to a third year student working with colourful designs and hand-made prints on textile. The award consists of printing services on textile for the masterdegree project worth 1250 euro.