Mr. Pearl,
corsetier, Paris
Véronique Branquinho,
designer, Antwerp
Inge Grognard,
make-up artist, Antwerp
Paul Boudens,
graphic designer, Antwerp
Kim De Craene,
fashion editor De Morgen, Belgium
Barbara Franchin,
director & project-supervisor EVE/IT’S, Triëste
Kaat Debo,
curator MoMu Fashion Museum, Antwerp
Sophie Labbé,
senior perfumer International Flavors & Fragrances, Paris
Kaoru Sasaki,
editor in Chief commons & sense, Japan
Andy Scherpereel & Andreas Hoyer,
Heimat, Cologne
Kuki de Salvertes,
Totem, Paris
Linda Loppa,
guest of honour, director/dean Polimoda Florence

Eric Ubben,
Sonja Spee,

Walter Van Beirendonck
head of departement, design 3rd bachelor
and final year
Bruno Pieters
design final year
Heidi Pille
modelage-drapage 3rd bachelor, coaching graduation projects final year
Yvonne Dekock
graphics 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final year
Chris Gillis
digital image processing 1st, 2nd, 3rd
and final year
Elke Hoste

coupe-pattern design 3rd bachelor
Christian Wynants
knitting techniques 3rd bachelor
Patrick De Muynck
design 2nd bachelor
Katarina Van Den Bossche
design 2nd bachelor
Natalie Van Laere
coupe-pattern design 2nd bachelor
Chris Fransen
coupe-pattern 1st bachelor, modelage-drapage 2de bachelor 
Nellie Nooren
design 1st bachelor, assistant coordination
Peter De Laet
costume history 1st and 2nd bachelor
Anita Evenepoel
textile course 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final year
Peggy Bockland
administration fashion department

SHOW 2007 I

Coordination: Patrick De Muynck. Stage: All stage
Light and sound: Ampli. Music: Alain Benisti. Photography: Etienne Tordoir
Make-up concept & design: Inge Grognard for Helena Rubinstein Make-up Products and team: Helena Rubinstein by Paul Van Rompaey
Grime: Linda Basstanie and team
Hairstylists & hair products: L’Oréal Professionnel
Modelling agencies: Dominique, New, Models Office, Vision, Network, IMM, Flag
Pers & PR: David Flamée Flanders Fashion Institute, Peggy Bockland
Coordination backstage: Chris Ingelrelst, Yvette, Mieke and team Office management: Mieke van den Broek, Alain De Waele Choreography: Lieve Gerrits. Casting mannequins: Patrick De Muynck.
Coordination posters, invitation and programme: Nellie Nooren, Chris Gillis, David Flamée
Graphic design: Chris Gillis.
Web design: Emmy Mees. Pre-press: Godefroit

The Hogeschool Antwerpen and the vzw Hacom for their logistic support.
All employees, especially Alain De Waele en Mieke van den Broek.
With special thanks to Philip Heylen, Alderman of Culture of the City of Antwerp.
The Flanders Fashion Institute, David Flamée, Catherine Mitchell of International Flavor and Fragrances,Barbara Franchin, L'Oréal Professionnel, Helena Rubinstein, Alex Roba, Nicolas Delarue van At Large, Frederik De Tey, Paul Van Rompaey, Mark Godts, Mark Vandebroeck, Nick Veldeman, André Wens, Ronald Stoops, Paul Boudens, Jenny Herremans

LANCIA, CAMPARI, Levi’s, Carlsberg

Hogeschool Antwerpen
prof. dr. Rudi Verheyen,
chairman Board of Directors
Jacques Peeters, president
Keizerstraat 15 B-2000 Antwerp
T. +32 3 213 93 00 F. +32 3 213 93 41
Department Audiovisual and Fine Arts
Royal Academy of Fine Arts
Eric Ubben, acting Head of Department
Mutsaardstraat 31   B-2000 Antwerp
T. +32 3 213 71 00 F. +32 3 213 71 19
Fashion Department
Nationalestraat 28 5°   B-2000 Antwerp
T. +32 3 206 08 80 F. +32 3 206 08 82
Hacom vzw
Organiser show 2007
Baelus Chris - chairman
Keizerstraat 15   B-2000 Antwerp
Flanders Fashion Institute
Nationalestraat, 28 4° B-2000 Antwerp
T. +32 3 226 14 47 F. +32 3 232 63 96

The FFI opened a new jobsite on the net in cooperation with Jobat and Ivoc/Irec. Graduates of the fashion department can present their profile for free.
More info www.ffi.be/jobsjobsjobs