AP ¬ Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp ¬ Fashion Department

Peter Schamaun

(Norway) peter.schamaun@gmail.com

A Lecture of an incompetent

The simplicity of real absurdism and the fright of normality.

"I never heard a garment speak -nor to each other- or to me. Neither did I hear them make a gesture -nor have I seen it. "

"I gave the garment to some people because some other person said: it is for those people". So for my first conclusion, in addition to this given information, I asked a garment a few questions. I asked what it was about, but no answer. I tried to ask again, but still no answer. I asked if it could then tell me instead, what he wanted to tell. There was no answer." "I was not sure what it was about, or what it wanted to say. I concluded, for the second time, that the garment could not speak or did not understand what I was saying."

"It did not have anything interesting to say . Nor could I after the chat." "We all agreed that it is communication."

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