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Curriculum vitae

Johanna Trudzinski
Born may 26th 1979 in Aachen, Germany.

Italielei 63
2000 antwerpen

1985-1998 attended Rudolf-Steiner-School, Hamburg-Harburg
1999-2002 studied fashiondesign at „Academy for applied Sciences“ in
Hamburg, Germany
since 2002 studieing fashion design at „Royal Academy for fine Arts“ in
Antwerp, Belgium. graduation in june 2006

Work experience:
since 2002 fashiondesign for the fashionproject „hui-hui“ in Hamburg.

German (native language), english, dutch, french (basic)

„de schouw van gaudi“ by hans theys

july 2004 created a page fort the anniversary book edition of delvaux
oktober 2004, nominated for accessory competition of louis vuitton
august/septemeber 2005 participation at the girt.tv/land exibition in the
media-artlab of the kunsthaus graz with several live performances which
where filmed and broadcasted on the internet. Autumn 2005 installation
for hui-hui at the german house in tokyo.

With my own two hands

It is all about colours.
My collection is inspired by the hippie movement, eurythmie class in
steiner school, new age, aura photography ,the colour shades of
gemstones and the idea of the astral body as an immaterial image
of the human soul.
Each outfit is dedicated to one colour, starting up with white, followed
by yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, turkoise and green. each silouet
is having it s own particular character, concerning shape and volumes
and is emphasising on a certain fabric/material or treatment
apart from that the fabrics denim and silk are drawn through all the
collection, same as the jewelles, opaque polyester madalas in matching
colours as well as the headpieces
being the mirrow-image of parts of the creations.
More important than the single silouet is to me the whole picture the
collection will give at the show: an aetherical proccesion of happy people,
a human rainbow
All together in love, peace and understanding.